Does Your LA Home Need Repairs?

Are you:

  • Struggling with water damage?
  • In need of foundation repairs?
  • Living with mold?
  • Battling termites?

If you answered yes to any of the above or are experiencing other major problems with your home, you’ve landed in the right place!

Owning a home is expensive, and sometimes you may find that purchasing a new home is more cost effective than trying to repair your current one. And let’s not forget that if you’re just thinking of selling your home for reasons not related to damage, you’re usually required to perform repairs/renovations anyway (and we all know that’s not cheap!).

Instead of living in distress or breaking the bank to make your home presentable, contact Todd Home Offers. We can give you cash for your home in as little as 7 days post-closing so that you can get to finding a more suitable place to live.

Don’t delay the process any longer. Give us a call or fill out our contact form to get things started.

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